Tips and Trouble Shooting

On some rifles, the slide assembly (aka: the operating rod) will contact the edge of the barrel clamp. This usually has no effect on the function of the rifle and will "break in" after a few shots.

  • Apply a dab of grease on the front edge of the clamp to help.
  • If the slide assembly still binds on the barrel clamp after about ten shots, disassemble the Mini Scout Mount ™.
  • Then file, sand, or grind off a small amount of the barrel clamp where the contact is occurring.
  • Reassemble per the instructions and try again.
  • If you still have trouble with binding, use our contact form to CONTACT US

If the two button-head cap screws for the barrel clamp will not align with their threaded holes in the mount body, DO NOT CROSS-THREAD THEM!
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If the slide assembly will not go over the gas piston , loosen the gas block screws till it will, then re-tighten the screws evenly with the slide forward. This should correctly align the lower gas block so the slide assembly mates up correctly with the gas piston.

If you lose that little gas port bushing, DO NOT assemble the rifle and attempt to operate it. Call us about getting another gas port bushing. The same thing goes if you lose or break one of the gas block screws.

LUBRICATION is important to proper functioning. See the Ruger ® instruction manual for the proper lubrication points.

Our Tactical Light Mount Kit provides a convenient mounting surface for the M3 tactical flashlight (Glock rail), IR illuminators, and even an additional laser sight or holo-sight.

Large flashlights can be mounted more securely by using two Tactical Light Mount Kits placed end-to-end on the same side of the Mini Scout Mount ™. Quick-detachable 30mm scope rings work real well on the Stinger™ type flashlights with the large turbo heads.

Ruger's ® are consistently well made rifles. If your barrel will not drop into the Mount Body, do not force it into place or attempt to modify the rifle or the Mini-Scout-Mount ™.

If you have any problems with the fit or function, break or lose a part, let us know we can help you. Click here to CONTACT US