Mosin-Nagant Mini-Scout-Mount

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NEW Mosin-Nagant Mini-Scout-Mount ™

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Ruger Mini-14 Mount(black) - black

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Get on 'em FAST with a Mini-Scout-Mount ™
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Details and Specifications

The Mosin-Nagant is an old warhorse with a massive production of approximately 37 Million rifles from 1891 - 1965.

A time proven design that is rugged and simple with combat experience that spanned almost a century.

Typical of older military rifles, the Mosin - Nagants were never intended to be equipped with optical sights, even though their potential accuracy may warrant it. The straight bolt handle design precludes mounting any modern sighting system without extensive modifications by a gunsmith, Until now…..

AMEGA MOUNTS has combined the proven features of the Mini-Scout-Mount™ with the unique design and reliability of the Mosin-Nagant to create a solid, bolt-on scout scope base.

  • BOLT ON DESIGN …No drilling, cutting, machining or permanent modifications are made to the rifle’s bolt or receiver.
  • PICATINNY STYLE SIGHT BASE accepts all modern tactical sight systems (red dot, Pistol, or Scout Scopes)
  • PRECISION EXTRUDED AND MACHINED ALUMINUM ALLOY provides a balance of strength and rigidity at a moderate weight
  • FLAT, NON-REFLECTIVE, HARD ANODIZED FINISH reduces shine and glare while providing protection from corrosion and wear
  • DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH OEM SIGHTS when scopes or other sighting devices are not attached
  • ACCESSORY FRIENDLY for mounting flashlights, lasers, etc. with Tactical Light Mount Kits™ for right or left-handed shooters
  • FITS Models 91/30, including 1938 and 1944 Carbines

A Mini-Scout-Mount™ is the BEST solution for upgrading your Mosin-Nagant.



Barrel Does not matter for this mount !





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Suggested Accessories for the Mosin-Nagant

When combined with our Tactical Light Mount Kit ™ it is your BEST solution for attaching a flashlight or laser sight to your Mosin-Nagant. Add a pistol scope or red-dot sight and you have one of the fastest handling M-N ever assembled!

Our Tactical Light Mount Kits will fit ALL models of the Amega Ranges Mini-Scout-Mounts

Ruger Mini 14 with accessories

Tactical Light Mount Kits



FAQs for Mosin-Nagant Mount

A: The M-N Mount will fit any variation of the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle, by any manufacturer, in any year of production, including 1938 and 1944 Carbines. Octagon or round receiver does not matter.

A: NO. As with all of our mounts, no accuracy decrease occurs. Once aligned, the mount does not move, providing a rock solid platform for your optics.

A: YES. As long as you remove the optics and optics mount hardware.

A: A small amount of inletting is required on most wood or aftermarket stocks for the barrel clamp to fit down into the stock for correct barrel action alignment.

If the Mosin Mount is used with the original wood stock, the upper hand guard must be completely removed. We advise that the stock's fore end also be shortened for a more sporting look.

A: NO. No modification is required.

A: NO…but it may become warm. No warping of your barrel - this is a good USA design & manufacture.

A: NO. The rifle's rear sight does not need to be removed. Just raise it to the vertical position.

A: We use push-pull set screws in the side of the mount body allows it to be aligned to match the plane of the rear sight and receiver.

A: NO.

A: ABSOLUTELY. If you do not understand our instructions, Contact our Customer Service and we will coach you through..

A: We do NOT recommend using a torque wrench to install the screws. Please use the hex wrench provided to install them.


A: YES. Some minor inletting may be required for the barrel clamp.

A: 6.4 oz, 9.0 in long

A: NO. The mount has a very durable flat black anodized finish. It looks really cool on a DE or Olive stock.